Sunday, May 27, 2007

eyes of compassion

Compassion is one thing that is common among all living beings.Here whisky epitomizes this fact as evident from her loving eyes.She was with us for 10 years and 3 months.We all miss you whisky

live for the moment

We have but one life to live so enjoy it to the fullest for no one knows what lies tomorrow....

cant wait to get in dad's shoes

what one wants in life is not a realisation that comes on the spur of moment. Its a slow tedious process that starts right from one of those early days and keeps changing. This child probably is on the threshold of one such journey. Who knows he might be the next schumacher :)

I walk this empty road..

Life as a journey is full of ups and down. Often there are obstacles which you have to tread alone. Winners always emerge from the quagmire while others may be consumed. Always remember to give in your best.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

whisky's gone

Was a very sad day today as i lost my dog whisky in a freak accident. She was knocked by a bus on the head. Atleast death was clean and quick for her. She had completed 10 years and 3 months.

Thats whisky and brute.
We lost brute also in 99. One fine day he just dissappeared never to come back

Its realy strange that when someone is gone then you feel the void left behind, till the time he/she is around you dont realise the importance. I remember how whisky would come up in morning and slightly nudge me with her cold nose signalling me to take her out for a walk.

God bless them

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lasting impressions...

aahh today was my first working day at office and i already managed a royal fuc***
was supposed to be there at office by 8 but ended up 20 minutes late , so the client inquired abt me and rest is history...

here's the small chat snippet

Sivaraj Natarajan... hi
Sohan Lal Rang... Hi
Sohan Lal Rang... How r you?
Sivaraj Nataraja... gud ...
Sivaraj Nataraja... DEV\Release Info\2006\05-2006\MayRelCMData.xls
Sivaraj Nataraja... it1 \share
Sivaraj Natarajan... verify all the issues in stage and prod...
Sivaraj Natarajan... it contains only the defect ids...
Sivaraj Nataraja... see the defect details in our Issue Log....
Sohan Lal Rang... from where i can find latest issue log
Sivaraj Nataraja... u cn refer the old issue log
Sivaraj Natarajan... becoz all r old issues only
Sohan Lal Rang... ok
Sivaraj Natarajan... quickly go thro the defect ids and check u cn find the relevant details n Issue Log
Sivaraj Nataraja... if nt let me know
Sohan Lal Rang... k
Sivaraj Natarajan... is arun negi and srinivasa s der ?
Sohan Lal Rang... no
Sivaraj Nataraja... y ?
Sohan Lal Rang... we informed them about timing
Sivaraj Nataraja... thy r suppose to cum by 8 AM
Sohan Lal Rang... yes
Sivaraj Nataraja... am i rght
Sivaraj Nataraja... do thy know r nt
Sohan Lal Rang... yes they know
Sivaraj Natarajan... jil s asking me wer s arun ?
Sivaraj Nataraja... wt shd i answer ?
Sohan Lal Rang... I'm calling arun on his cell no.
Sohan Lal Rang... and Srinivas is here
Sivaraj Nataraja... no need
Sohan Lal Rang... k
Sivaraj Nataraja... already i tld he dont come yt
Sivaraj Nataraja... first impression s the best impression
Sivaraj Nataraja... always v fail to do tht

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Prized possession

I was out shopping at Noida's 18 sector when i saw this rickshaw guy sleeping with chappals on his lap or was it a prank by one of his buddies
chk it out

Saturday, May 06, 2006

day i got pissed big time

This happened some time around last time. Had a big fight with a very close friend, so naturally i was pissed,irritated,frustrated etc etc
I thought the best way would be to have some time of my own, thats when i decided what better than to walk all the way back home from office. Well it sure took me some time and a few bottles of water to reach home.
Here's the path that i took

of course now when i think of it sound very stupid

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

old memories

i feel in the past few months since i've shifted to this new place,have changed a lot. I'm not what i used to be.Tha craze that i always had for physical activities is just not there. I've some how become this moronic dull couch potato . Some times i just get depressed without even knowing why? With me this is happening to often.I just hate that feeling which literally eats you from inside. I guess its one of those not so good days.
The tragic loss of my friend Devrishi,that to at such a young age has just left me wondering that in life one cannot be sure of anything. You may be happy for one moment when suddenly the next moment everything would be snatched away. Had a restless night yesterday.
During the last two semesters had stayed at dev's room for exam prep.It was fun the way we would study, stock up food,drink fruit beer ,vodka ,coffee,eat maggie etc. Had such fond memories of the trip with dev and dhania to my native place. Also got reminded of the initial college years when me,dev,dinesh,abhishek,amit wld hangout at the smal rickety shop outside college premises and sip banta. I always used to take the initaitive to push the kannchhaa down and then we would sit in front of the dirty stagnant pond where our tommy saab(pig) used to habitually bathe. we would crack jokes on him and laugh like crazy.
Today felt very hurt for what my close friend told me :(

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Screech on time saves nine

Had a rather bad day today. On my mom's insistence i accompanied my dad n sis to the market . i guess i was a bit irritated and was driving a bit fast but not rashly. As i was speeding and passing by a vehicle parked on left, a pup just came in from no where. I applied full breaks and managed to stop just half a feet short of him. I thought i had run him over when he just ran from under yelping! i gave a sigh of relief! Had the worst happened i wld'nt have forgiven myself.
As expected a car rammed in from behind and the guy came out and started fighting .Some guys who had witnessed the whole thing came in and supported us against him(thgh he also was not at fault). Eventually he also understood and we guys shook hands and left. With so many cases of road rage these days it was heartening to know that we guys left on a good note.